Collection: Sarees

Our Handloom Ahimsa Silk Sarees are the epitome of elegance and ethical fashion. These exquisite sarees showcase the artistry of handloom weavers committed to producing silk without harm to silkworms. These six yard wonders not only radiate timeless beauty but also reflect your dedication to sustainable and cruelty-free fashion choices. Shop now to drape yourself in the finest ethically-made silk sarees.

Authentic, handmade sarees that have been designed in collaboration with weavers in Assam. Our Ahimsa silk sarees each weigh about 700 grams. Maybe, like us, you'd be surprised to know that that is lighter than a regular cotton saree which weighs in at about 800 grams! Of course, it all depends on the count of the yarn and the intricacies of the motifs on the saree. But although Ahimsa silk sarees may feel heavier at first touch than what we may expect, wearing the saree is easy and falls lightly on the body. The fabric feels like a soothing touch to the skin and the mind rejoices in the fact that no animals were killed in making this silk. And that's a feeling like no other.