Collection: SCARVES

Our pure silk scarves are truly amazing, if we say so ourselves. Ahimsa silk is lightweight enough to protect your skin from the harsh summer sun and yet warm enough to keep you cosy in the winter. The silk is extracted by hand from empty silkworm cocoons, making it the only naturally found cruelty-free silk. Our weavers use natural materials to dye the scarves with earthy colours and finally, they are woven on traditional looms. The scarves get softer with each wear and when cared for, will last you for years. Gift to your loved ones, or to yourself. It will be your favourite accessory.

Choose from a wide range of colours- all derived from natural dyes! Want a green scarf? It's made using onion skins. Maybe a blue scarf would be a safe choice to gift your colleague? Indigo dye is used to obtain its rich blue colour. The beige scarf is from your regular cup of tea! Our moms always said turmeric is good for health and look at our bright yellow scarf! A delicate pink scarf dyed using lac would make a great gift for mom. For dad, pick a deep grey scarf. There is a beautiful scarf for everyone!