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KEFI: The Spirit of Joy

Work from home is great, but we know all too well that work hours often spill over into personal time and one day you're taking video calls when you suddenly realise that you can't stand up because you are wearing pajamas. No worries, we've got you!


Our latest collection is inspired to keep you feeling happy and looking smart as you attend those long con-calls. Comfortable fits will keep you relaxed through the day and when you need to unwind at the end of it. Run out for errands, head out for a coffee or take a walk in your neighbourhood. You can do anything you wish to do. (And we mean that in more ways than one!)

And that's not even the best part! Every item is made from organic, handwoven & naturally dyed indigenous cotton.

 So that you can create A Place of Possibilities even as you go about your daily work. <3



Indian monsoons are love itself. Sitting by the window staring at the rain lashing down brings out the poet in all of us. Here are our newest Peace silk scarves, inspired by classic poems, and ushering in a pop of colour to the misty days.


The beauty of Peace silk is that it is an all-weather fabric. Carry one when you are out of the house in the monsoons- to protect yourself against that chill in the air or if you're like us, then as a hair wrap to take care of bad hair days!


Our silk sarees are dyed and woven entirely by our weavers' loving hands. With each saree taking a week to be woven, we learn from these strong women as they combine their vocation with their indomitable spirit.

fashion coord sets for girls
white trendy coord set
trendy pink midriff baring string zipped crop top

Our debut apparel line is handcrafted womenswear made with handwoven peace silk and cotton blend to create pieces  of clothing that are versatile and contemporary.

Perfect for a casual day out with friends or for that chic look for work.

Our Commitment: Sustainable clothing, ethically made with natural fibres.

At Arras, we believe in the possibility of a better future for the planet and everyone on it. As a business, we are working towards building a supply chain that is kind to the environment while also empowering local communities. Our timeless designs are handmade, providing fair wages to and equipping our artisans with a secure livelihood.



We're here if you need us.

Choose the perfect gift 

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We'll give you personalised advice so that you can give the perfect gift!

Email us at contact@arras.in for assistance.

Customer care

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Email us if you need help with anything or book a virtual appointment for one-on-one styling advice!


Our customer reviews


"The sheer pleasure of receiving a handwritten note after many years has got me smiling. Your words have a ring of truth when you say welcome to the Arras family...

I truly feel welcome.


"You have no idea how happy I am to receive these beauties. Every piece is eloquent about quality, class, elegance and art. I am so happy to hold them in my hands.


"Wearing your lovely saree today. Dressed up after ages and been wanting to wear this. It's buttery soft and so easy and gorgeous. Thank you for this.

yellow wedding saree
backless blouse with bow
yellow silk saree for gift
crop top with saree
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