Yellow midi dress in linen fabric

Breathable Summer Clothing

A unique cruelty-free silk that breathes to keep you cool in the hot summer.


A rich textile crafted from handspun yarn that has been dyed with natural dyes by women artisans in Assam.


From relaxed fit pants to notch collar shirts, our debut womenswear collection- Koli- celebrates new beginnings and timeless style.




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Made from 100% indigenous cotton sourced from artisans in Kutch, Gujarat. A rain-fed, pesticide-free cotton that has been naturally dyed, Kala cotton is comfortable to wear and has a distinctive appeal. 

two girls holding hands and posing in handmade organic cotton dress, organic cotton pants and organic cotton top
pink kala cotton. kala cotton is indigenous organic cotton that is completely rainfed and grown without the use of fertilisers


Kefi: The Spirit of Joy

Luxurious, handloom sarees straight from the looms of Assam

A blush pink saree made from ahimsa/ eri silk using natural dyes and handwoven on a handloom. Wear this saree for brunches or to day events for a sophisticated and stylish look

Classic Sarees

contemporary silk saree with white and blue checked design. This saree can be worn for formal events and gives a sophisticated classy look
Coord set in white made from linen fabric for a casual, relaxed vibe that is size inclusive

Premium apparel. 

coord skirt and top set made from sustainable fabrics but at a fast fashion price point


linen white drawstring pants with linen pink top for a brunch outfit

Made from unique handwoven fabric. 

Our Commitment: Clothing made responsibly, sourced ethically.

At Arras, we believe in the possibility of a better future for the planet and everyone on it and we are fighting for change. As a business, we are building a supply chain that is kind to the environment while also empowering local communities. Our partnerships are based on mutual trust, providing fair wages to and equipping our artisans with a secure livelihood.

Vertical striped blue and white scarf for men made from peace silk handwoven from handspun yarn and natural dyes indigo
unisex scarf made from pure silk and striped with green, white and beige colours dyed with natural dyes

Conscious Gifts

Arras Journal

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yellow saree for wedding to gift to mothers and aunts
an olive green pant and shirt coord set that can be worn to work and to drinks after work
A lady sitting in a plain solid blue silk saree
A red slip dress made in sustainable fashion
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Startup story
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