(A bit of fun) Under blue skies Arras

(A bit of fun) Under blue skies

When Arras started in 2019, the conversation around fashion and its connection to climate change had just begun in mainstream channels. As the years have progressed, so has the action taken by brands and consumers. We’ve loved seeing the growth of the industry from the inside. There are more vendors willing to work with lower quantities and more types of sustainable fabrics on offer for smaller brands. There are many more miles to cover however; after all, how exactly can we navigate the complexities of making fashion sustainable?


As an organisation that started with an aim to create social impact not just by focusing on the choice of fabrics, but also in contributing to dignified livelihoods we hold the beauty of handloom fabrics in the highest regard. We've always believed that operating within the boundaries of sustainable development has to be an industry norm and has to include the entire chain of making clothes into consideration. Until we get there, sustainable fashion is always going to be viewed as a niche category- a uniform aesthetic, a higher price level and always in chunks rather than the whole picture. As we've grown, we've seen the need to include more types of fabrics and clothing using fair practices in order to break out of this template.


Hop onto any social media channel and this niche has been boxed into a template- anti-fit silhouettes in monochromatic colour palettes, with visual imagery of a pared-down aesthetic. It set the scene for sustainable fashion as catering to particular audience groups, not for everyone. As consumers of fashion ourselves, we want to wear clothes that are made ethically, but are also closer to trends in terms of colours or prints. We were hard pressed to find such in India.


And so, for our latest collection, we wanted to poke our feet out of the box, have a bit of fun and produce clothes that can be an accessible part of everyone’s wardrobe in our modern, global world. There are no templates to follow; just a fun, high-street aesthetic and yet, still produced with commitment to our undying love for our planet, the garment workers and fashion.


Made from 100% viscose, the cellulose fibres in these garments are produced using wood from responsibly managed forests. We worked with a start-up, woman-owned production unit for whom it is equally important that garments makers are not exploited. You’ll find a hint of trends but just like all of our earlier clothing, each piece in this collection is designed to carry long term appeal.


Arras started because someone wanted to dance to the beat of her own drum. We believe in dressing for ourselves, to express what we feel and how we want to experience the world.

Under Blue Skies is a collection for you, you who want to express your femininity and strength. You daydream about creating a better world and exploring your curious nature. You are not meant to be shoved inside boxes or be dumbed down to think a certain way. You rough it out for work and on your way home, do mini jigs to the music playing in your head.


Arras’s summer 2023 collection combines restorative pastels, sheer textures and floaty, floral prints inspired from summers spent in our mothers’ gardens. Timeless, ethereal styles will let you indulge in your flights of fancy while keeping you rooted to your convictions. Because, and you know it, you’re a breath of fresh air.


Featured below: one of our favourite pieces from the collection. A simple enough top but with side panels stitched in sheer fabric.

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