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You and we would make good friends if even you wonder why most gifts that are given as corporate or wedding gifts are tagged with a logo and labelled as 'swag'? Doesn't it totally ruin the look of the products?! Also, how many dairies can you store at home before you realise you can start a small business selling them?


Wouldn't it be delightful if a simple gift could also support products that everyone can be proud of -- making, buying and wearing? Our Peace silk scarves are zero - waste gifts that give back to our rural communities. Hand crafted by our weavers' loving hands from cruelty-free silk and dyed with colours from the earth, our scarves make the ideal, gender - neutral gift for all your special events and celebrations. Browse our catalog below or message us for special enquiries.


For enquiries, write to us at or call/message/ Whatsapp us on +91 9718057102.

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