indian textile craftsmanship

Our work is geared towards the parallel goals of building a supply chain that is kind to the environment while also empowering local communities and providing quality clothing to our customers.

Our mission is to advocate responsible consumption of eco-friendly clothing through a low-impact production system that values craftsmanship and empowers artisans with a better quality of life.

Women Empowerment

An indispensable element of our supply chain is the inclusivity of women who are able to have meaningful participation in our design process. With covid-19 we have seen the devastating impact on the poorest socio-economic sections of society. Women being the majority of the workforce in the textile industry (91% of the total weavers in NER are women) are the most vulnerable to such disasters. 


At Arras we are working with women artisans towards their financial independence, to make them the drivers of change in their communities. 

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Low-Impact Supply Chain
turmeric dye for textile fabric

Our commitment is to use sustainable fibres, natural dyes and azo-free dyes in our creations, that our materials are sourced ethically, and that resource extraction is conducted in a responsible manner. 


Currently, all our clothing is made from fabrics that have been woven by hand and apparel is handcrafted by expert tailors. 

We are plastic-free in our packaging to our end customer. Our bulk deliveries from our weavers uses plastic wrap outside the box only to protect the shipment. 

Quality Clothing

Our customers are our biggest supporters. They motivate us to provide them with clothing that is made to last and loved for years to come, balancing the line between trendy and timeless. We hope to spread awareness about responsible production and consumption and how we may individually contribute towards a sustainable and inclusive society.

style tips to pair blue and white saree with yellow blouse as seen on Jaypore
The Journey of an Arras Saree