cotton cloth on a handloom in an Assamese village

 Arras is the realisation of a dream to combine the textile strengths of our country with products that are contemporary in nature, while staying true to our commitment for preserving the planet. We design our clothing to be sustainable and inclusive,  so that it creates benefits for everyone along each step of the value chain- this includes the large population of workers involved in textile production (including farmers) and indigenous weavers, it reflects the values of our end consumers, while keeping our responsibilities towards the environment at the fore.

At the heart of it all, we want Arras to be a platform that inspires optimism to everyone. 

If the start of Arras is any proof at all, then our passions can become our careers, our individual action can help try to fight climate change and our work can empower local communities. 

A place of possibilities, for you and for all of us. 

Our design sensibilities are rooted in the textile traditions and pristine culture of North East India with a focus on creating clothing that walks the sophisticated line between trendy and timeless.

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We are based in Guwahati, Assam. The North Eastern Region of India, a cluster of eight geographically and culturally diverse states clubbed together as a whole, is home to over 220 ethnic communities each with unique customs and traditional designs. 

Unmana Rynjah is the Founder of Arras- a sustainable clothing brand

"The name Arras was inspired by the English word meaning a tapestry made of rich fabric that is typically used to conceal an alcove.

Arras is, thus, synonymous to the craftsmanship of textile artisans of India's North East- rich and intricate, but yet untapped and unexplored."

Unmana Rynjah, Founder

In 2019, Unmana founded Arras with a love for textiles and a commitment towards sustainability. After 8 years of experience in management & luxury retail and an abiding love for timeless style, she soon realised that the industry wasn't as glamorous and perfect as its products. She introduced a brand that embodies best industry practices of fair trade, a non-exploitative value chain and ethical clothing that doesn't harm the planet or the wearer.


With roots in Assam and Meghalaya, Unmana works with the unique textile strengths of the region, primarily cruelty free fabrics. She hopes to make Arras an inclusive platform that focuses on cultural brilliance, diversity and fairness - three principles inherent to the 8 states of North East India.