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The choice of fabrics

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Our fabric choices are based on The Environmental Benchmark for Fibres and Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) of fibres to ensure that we are choosing the most sustainable material possible. Since our very first products were made from indigenous, non-violent silk, we decided to research and calculate the first ever LCA for Peace Silk. Although there are many research papers on the LCA of other silks, there were none on Ahimsa silk.

For this, we partnered with Dr. Karabee Das, a material scientist. With our boundary taken at the purchase of cocoons from the local market to the weaving of the fabric (the spinning, dyeing, weaving & other steps being done by our own weavers) preliminary data indicates that the carbon footprint of our hand woven, natural dyed Ahimsa silk is 0.65 Kg CO2.

Currently we use the following fabrics:

- Handwoven Peace silk

- Indigenous handwoven organic cotton

- GOTS certified Lyocell

- GOTS Organic cotton

- FSC certified viscose

In the pic: Un-bleached, hand-spun, hand-woven Eri or Ahimsa silk.

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