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The Start

Updated: Jun 5

In 2019, Unmana Rynjah founded Arras with a love for fashion and a commitment towards sustainable development. She relocated to her hometown Guwahati, in the Northeastern region of India, to take a break from her corporate career and pursue her passion. She began to explore and learn about the textile strengths of the region, all the while rediscovering her roots. Although she had always used traditional handloom shawls made from Eri or non-violent silk in her childhood, she now began to experiment using a handwoven blend of this silk and cotton for creating garments. Her intention was to make fashion in a natural, non- exploitative manner that would benefit the weavers in under-served areas while promoting the cultural diversity of Northeast India.

Arras' origin is rooted in creating ethical fashion by building a supply chain that benefits stakeholders across the value chain. This includes the large population of workers involved in textile production (including farmers), indigenous weavers and end consumers, while working towards environmental preservation.

We are passionate about climate action and believe in the power of taking small steps to create bigger systemic change in the fashion industry. We take on the responsibility of creating clothing in a fair system so that our customers are able to make conscious choices easily.

At the heart of it all, we want Arras to be a platform that inspires optimism to everyone. If the start of Arras is any proof at all, then our passions can become our careers, our individual action can help try to fight climate change and our work can empower local communities.

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