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The meaning of Arras

Updated: Jun 5

After thumbing through about 1000 pages of an Oxford English dictionary and simultaneously googling to check if the name was already taken, this little company got the name 'Arras'.

Arras was inspired by the English word meaning a tapestry (a wall hanging) made of rich fabric that is typically used to conceal an alcove.

With our origins in weaving clusters of Assam, Arras is synonymous to the craftsmanship of textile artisans of India's North East Region- rich and intricate, but yet untapped and unexplored.

Every detail in the above saree was created entirely by hand. The yarn was extracted from empty silk cocoons and spun by hand, it was dyed with colours concocted from local, natural resources and instead of using a jacquard machine to create the motifs, it was lifted onto the warp by a pair of skilled hands.

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